The Haut-Fer is the main attraction of « Musée du Bois ». It is the heart of the sawmill. An alternative vertical blade fixed on a "Frame: Plucked" allows the sawing of "Truncations" of truncation woods.
In the "Cellar", the "Plumard", a wooden sole placed on a cement wall, dampens the jolts caused by the "plume" during sawing. A bucket wheel operates the Haut-Fer by means of a set of pulleys and belts. The "crank" and "the connecting rod" ensure the reciprocating movement of the saw tensioned in the plume. The vocabulary of "Sagard" made of French and patois was not devoid of humor.
Once the log is in place and fixed, the carriage to the rhythm of the saw advances step by step thanks to "The minute wheel".

The saw blade

Lame de scie

The saw blade, stretched in the plume, saws the wooden log "La tronce" at the rhythm imposed by the minute wheel. The latter judiciously adjusted, allows the carriage a regular advance for perfect sawing. All in an atmosphere which is reminiscent of the film "Les grandes gueules" by Robert Enrico and José Giovanni.

The "Bucket" water wheel

La roue à eau

The "Bucket" water wheel is the "Hydraulic" motor of the sawmill. A wheel "Over" is so named because the water supply channel comes from above. There are other types of water wheels including "Paddles" or "Paddles" where the water arrives below or from the side. The speed of the bucket wheel is around 1 m / s. For a developed force of 7 to 8 horses.

Sources: The Sawmills and old Sagards des Vosges with the "Create" editions.

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