Saint-Prix church

Saulxures-sur-Moselotte is dominated by the steeple of the Saint-Prix church which, from the top of 62m heigh, sets the pace for the life of this former capital of the canton of the Moselotte valley.
After a fire ravaged the old church, the restoration work on the burnt down church amounted to more than 60,000 francs. Given the risks and the cost, this work was not undertaken.
Madame Elisabeth Géhin, a member of a family of textile manufacturers and benefactor of the municipality, gave to the municipality a legacy that the municipal council committed to the construction of a new building. The first stone was blessed by Abbé Pierrefite in 1881. The new “Saint-Prix” church was officially consecrated in 1884 by the bishop of Saint-Dié. The offices will be celebrated there well before this consecration, because from Christmas 1882, Father Lemasson celebrated the first mass there.

A fine example of neo-Gothic architecture, the church benefits from the harmonious combination of local materials, which are granite and pink sandstone. The years, bad weather and the last two earthquakes have severely damaged the Saint-Prix church. Thanks to popular patronage launched by the municipality responsible for the project and Owner, by the Parish of Saulxures and by the Heritage Foundation, the Saint-Prix church has now been fully restored. The municipality of Saulxures sur Moselotte carried out complete restoration work from 2004 to 2007.

The stained glass windows in the 44 bays of the parish church, designed by architect Henri Gaillemin, were produced by Ateliers Champigneule in 1883. Following war damage, the stained glass windows were restored by Les Ateliers Loire between 1952-1953.

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